I trained as graphic designer in Leeds, back in the day when learning to draw properly was essential for the job.. In those days, physical drawing was much more part of the creative process than today. As a designer, over the years, I have gradually drawn less as part of my work and more and more in my personal sketching work.

I now run my own creative agency in London and my sketching activity (using the alias #shoreditchsketcher) takes me all over the world and in the pursuit of sketching.

I love live drawing on location and the eclectic urban landscape of cities inspires me to get out and about and capture the cityscapes. I now sketch wherever I am and recently I have been sketching on the streets of Los Angeles, Malaga, San Francisco, Genoa, Florence and Palma.

You can’t beat live sketching on location. I’m interested to capture the spirit of the subject matter and that can only happen when you are drawing on site. I can use photographs as a reference, but the finished result never has as much character as a live sketch.

Increasingly I’m being asked to sketch events and situations where photography doesn’t really do them justice. There is something essential and emotional about a drawing that connects the viewer to the scene, more than a ubiquitous photograph can.